A Value Action audit guarantees reliability of the financial and social reports of the business. It contributes to the quality of the company’s internal control system.

Financial audit


  • Organisational audit
  • IT audit
  • Audit of support services
  • Internal audit
  • Strategic analysis

Human resources audit

  • Change leadership
  • Regulatory audit (respect for legal and social obligations…)
  • Efficiency audit
  • Social responsibility audit

Sustainable development audit

  • Systems audit
  • Stake-holder audit
  • Sustainable development analysis
  • Determination of the limits of social responsibility
  • Waste management
  • Energy and effluent management

Example of an audit performed by Value Action:

Integration of economic indicators into the report on sustainable development: integration of the sharing of the value-added among the stake-holders

  • raising managers’ awareness of the concept of economic indicators and of the sharing of value added among the stake-holders (indicators which are currently non-existent on the market)
  • presentation on the value of and the potential gains from the audit
  • definition of the stake-holders in the business
  • collection of financial documents from the finance department
  • preparation of a value-added distribution analysis demonstrating the interactions between the business and the various stake-holders
  • analysis of the business by activity
  • analysis of the business by geographical sector and comparison of the status quo with regulation in possible future host countries
  • insertion of analysis and comments in the report on sustainable development
  • making procedure recommendations arising from this audit for the business’s internal control system

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