On-site services

On site servicesValue Action gets involved in any project related to strategic or operational management, to organisations, to information systems, to performance management, to resources or to risks.

Strategic and operational management

  • strategic analysis,
  • definition of a strategic plan,
  • operational implementation of strategy,
  • management of restructuring and recovery situations,
  • external growth and post-integration strategy…

Finance and accounting organisation

  • organisation audit,
  • process re-building,
  • internal control management,
  • decision and reporting tools,
  • outsourcing,
  • motivating the finance function…

Information systems

  • IT strategy,
  • overall plan,
  • functional design,
  • deployment…

On site servicesPerformance management

  • management tools,
  • cost reduction,
  • efficiency of support functions,
  • performance measurement…

Resource management

  • change management,
  • skills development,
  • performance management,
  • corporate governance,
  • sustainable development…

Risk management

  • risk forecasting,
  • risk management,
  • internal control process…

Examples of cross-functional projects undertaken by Value Action:

  • Implementation of a sustainable development strategy
  • Improvement of the quality of financial information: implementation of financial indicators and ratios to give a quantitative and comparative dimension to social and environmental data

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