Specialist in the areas of audit, consulting, expertise and services in several business sectors, Value Action offers cross-functional interventions to facilitate the maintenance and improvement of competencies which contribute to the value added of your organisation.

Our mission: align organisations with their goals

Value Action can assist you to align your organisation and your information system with your goals. Its consultants are there to:

  • accelerate the decision process,
  • accelerate the implementation of your strategy,
  • develop, define and choose solutions that are operational and efficient,
  • implement those solutions that yield the best result,
  • optimise the choices made,
  • improve your performance significantly.

In an ever more reactive and demanding context, directors and managers have to play with – and sometimes against – time. They have to accelerate and optimise the decision process and the strategic and operational implementation.

Our methods

Value Action‘s methods are based on the sharing of knowledge and know-how, major contributors to any strategy.

Our method and the solutions which implement it are tools used by management to compare operational criteria (causes) with financial measurements (costs).

Identify and prioritise opportunities


  • we identify and prioritise opportunities while minimising risks,
  • we offer a large range of studies and analyses specific to your various needs: functional analysis, brainstorming, concept evaluation, value analysis, analysis, team management analysis, project analysis…,
  • we develop the tools appropriate to your problem.

Provoking and driving an ideas management approach

Value Action‘s method is based on ideas management and provoking collective thinking.

The best performing organisations, the most creative teams are those which share values and instil a feeling of confidence which encourages debate on every project. Each participant becomes a source of ideas; collectively, employees are capable of developing extraordinarily efficient ideas.

The impact of management that is participative while respecting your values can be measured in terms of quality, reduced costs and delivery times. The gains are measured over time from:

  • results which are unique,
  • results which work,
  • results which can be measured,
  • results which produce team spirit and not just profits.

Working with your teams, we apply our methods and share our tools.

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