Our approach to quality

Notre démarche qualitéValue Action deals with all its clients with the same attention and guarantees them its consultants’ full engagement.

In the course of their interventions, Value Action consultants commit to:

  1. master the techniques and practices of their profession,
  2. keep their skills up to date and develop them as necessary for accepted projects,
  3. analyse the client’s needs and provide all the advice necessary to achieve his goals,
  4. agree with the client the goals, the methodology, the means of implementation, as well as the costs, the fees and the length of the project,
  5. define the terms of guarantees and insurances,
  6. respect the quality requirements and agreed deadlines,
  7. carry out projects with the commitment that the client has a right to expect,
  8. remain focussed on achieving the client’s goals,
  9. inform the client of any difficulty or impossibility,
  10. turn over to the client any information needed for decision-making,
  11. refuse any benefit or arrangement which affects the objectivity, the impartiality or the quality of the advice or services rendered,
  12. respect the ethical code and client confidentiality, which means never using or divulging any information relating to the project or the results without the client’s permission.

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