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Value Action welcomes students on MBA courses, or from the major commerce or engineering schools during their work experience programs. Priority is given to students at establishments with whom the firm has established relationships but it is always looking out for new talent.
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Value Action offers work experience to enable the young to discover the world of work and business. These courses are also an opportunity to build trusting relationships which may eventually result in a job offer.

An enriching experience of professionalism

By accepting you as an intern, Value Action is giving you a chance to gain professional experience on worthwhile projects.

Value Action considers that an internship should enable you to:

  • confront the reality of consulting work (work situations, methodologies…),
  • help you to confirm your career choices,
  • check whether the spirit and practices of Value Action correspond to your own aspirations.

Experience life as a junior consultant

By living the consultant experience, the Value Action intern will:

  • join a team at a client,
  • be supervised by more experienced consultants,
  • take on increasing responsibilities,
  • be given clearly defined objectives and be evaluated on them for the duration of the project.

If you wish to join Value Action as an employee at the end of your internship, the experience gained will be taken into account!

To apply for an internship with Value Action, send your application by email to
detailing the reasons for your request and the period and type of work envisaged.

Examples of projects given to its interns by Value Action:

  • Definition of the strategic direction and practical application of an environmental management system (École Polytechnique)
  • Outsourcing of an accounting function (CSOEC)
  • Optimisation of a purchasing process (ESSEC)
  • Development of a production line supply system (EDHEC Lille / ICAM Lille)
  • Self-evaluation of internal controls (HEC)

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